Gratitude: The Lost Art of making True Progress

Gratitude is one of the most powerful states of mind we can hold. When we tune into being thankful for all the things we do have, we naturally attract in more of those things.

All too often, we default to being overly critical of ourselves and that makes us feel bad about our lack of progress or shortcomings.

So, what can we do to turn this around and what needs to be addressed first? Feeling guilty, shameful, angry or less than is usually the culprit.

If we can be honest with the feelings that we’re focusing on and giving energy to, we can shift out of them. That can be represented on a piece of paper as “Point A.” An example of that could be, “Feeling guilty about missing the gym and not having the body that we want or maybe we couldn’t stop eating those unhealthy items that are always staring at us from the candy or soda isle.

Then we come up with the desired feeling or future outcome as “Point B.”

The big key to this transition is to normalize this gap. For example, we can accept the fact that we’re not where we want to be, but are ok with the fact that we’re in a transitional process.

As we do that, we can redirect our attention on the feelings of successfully arriving and being in the “Point B” as if it has already happened or is happening in that moment.

Once we do this and become better with consistency, our body and subconscious mind will present us with new events and situations that support our “Point B.”

The final element to this is the physical actions that reinforce our Point B. So, thinking alone and visualizing won’t accelerate our progress as fast as doing something that brings us closer to it. When we can take consistent actions toward what we want, we’ll arrive there faster and more importantly… we’ll build the muscle memory of thinking clearly and taking actions on the right things!

Always be sure to look back and see all the things YOU HAVE ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED. Be grateful that you’ve managed to make progress in the past and keep your mind on the sunny side of life… even if it feels fake. Eventually, your actions will reaffirm all the right stuff inside of you and legitimize those lofty “Point B” places, accomplishments and feelings!

December 11th, 2019 by