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December 11th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Gratitude is one of the most powerful states of mind we can hold. When we tune into being thankful for all the things we do have, we naturally attract in more of those things.

All too often, we default to being overly critical of ourselves and that makes us feel bad about our lack of progress or shortcomings.

So, what can we do to turn this around and what needs to be addressed first? Feeling guilty, shameful, angry or less than is usually the culprit.

If we can be honest with the feelings that we’re focusing on and giving energy to, we can shift out of them. That can be represented on a piece of paper as “Point A.” An example of that could be, “Feeling guilty about missing the gym and not having the body that we want or maybe we couldn’t stop eating those unhealthy items that are always staring at us from the candy or soda isle.

Then we come up with the desired feeling or future outcome as “Point B.”

The big key to this transition is to normalize this gap. For example, we can accept the fact that we’re not where we want to be, but are ok with the fact that we’re in a transitional process.

As we do that, we can redirect our attention on the feelings of successfully arriving and being in the “Point B” as if it has already happened or is happening in that moment.

Once we do this and become better with consistency, our body and subconscious mind will present us with new events and situations that support our “Point B.”

The final element to this is the physical actions that reinforce our Point B. So, thinking alone and visualizing won’t accelerate our progress as fast as doing something that brings us closer to it. When we can take consistent actions toward what we want, we’ll arrive there faster and more importantly… we’ll build the muscle memory of thinking clearly and taking actions on the right things!

Always be sure to look back and see all the things YOU HAVE ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED. Be grateful that you’ve managed to make progress in the past and keep your mind on the sunny side of life… even if it feels fake. Eventually, your actions will reaffirm all the right stuff inside of you and legitimize those lofty “Point B” places, accomplishments and feelings!

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December 11th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

It’s almost time for a new year and that can mean a new you.

The best way I’ve found to get results is not by making resolutions, but by creating solid habits that promote long-term goal success. If you want to get better at your business, start the habit of self-education and structure. If you want to write a book, start the habit of writing your thoughts and blocking off work time. If you want to be more aware, start a habit of meditation or yoga.

Creating the right habits aren’t always as easy as it sounds, unfortunately.  Creating bad habits… pretty easy 🙂 This is a short guide on how to build good habits that can change lives.

First off, pick a positive habit that would yield the results you’re looking for. Think of habits as actions and thoughts that you gravitate towards by default.

Find those things that are easy and rewarding. Make them simple so you can stick to them when you don’t really feel like doing. For example: an easy habit is to drive to the gym every morning before work. A complex one is to go to the gym and work out.

The first habit is easier and will lead to the more complex one, so start simple. Also worth mentioning is that most of the time we focus on quitting bad habits or on stopping actions. Instead of quitting junk food, shift your energy towards eating more veggies and drinking more water.

Think about the positives and the things that you can add before you start trimming everything undesirable out of your life. Here’s the logic! The more good things you do, the better your mood will be. Soon, you’ll be in a positive place where the negative bad things will no longer fit in or feel as good to do.

Here are a few examples of positive habits worth implementing: meditating more, journaling, practicing gratitude, exercising, eating more veggies, telling people how much you care for them and asking for support when you need it. I went out to eat the other night with a friend and instead of having a bacon burger with cheese and fries, I ate a Cobb Salad. Just a little shift that can lead to more desirable circumstances like, better looking body, better digestion, better sleep, more vibrant skin, etc…

Baby steps. We tend to make a huge list of new changes needed to be made and think we can achieve them all at once. Focusing on one habit at a time will prevent being overloaded with too many at once. The more you do at one time, the less likely you are to maintain them all. If you were to ask a habit-guru, they would confirm this!

Any step in the right direction can be seen as a success. We all move at different paces. Most of us underestimate the importance of this mind-set, and I can assure you, being mindful of any progress and seeing it as success, is just as important as actually sticking to the habit.

When I started meditating I set an hour-long goal. This was absurd! A first time meditator will rarely have the discipline to complete an hour. Even worse, they’ll fail at the goal, feel badly about it and start to avoid it like the plague so they don’t feel that feeling of failure.

So, I set my new action goal for just TWO-MINUTES worth of meditation. Guess what, once I got done with the 2 mins, I went longer just because I was in the swing of it and it felt good.

I also wanted to get back in shape so instead of jumping back into a strong yoga class or lifting weights, I just implemented a four mile walk with my dog. I understand the importance of starting small. I can go big or go home later!

When I was hell-bent on eating healthier, I started with adding a salad before every meal. After a month or so, my meal preps went from ⅓ veggies up to ½.

Another major downfall I experienced was not setting reminders. For the longest time my calendar was filled with all business-related stuff. My meals and exercise hours are now blocked out and I made them as important as meeting with a client, or going to a doctors appointment.

Another major practice to incorporate is creating a way to hold myself accountable. If I were to miss a meal or skip a workout day I’d let myself slide. But now that I have some friends that ask me if I finished my health goals for the week, they remind me that there’s no excuses and help me to hold myself accountable. I always tend to perform better when I know someone is helping me raise the bar.

If you need help with accountability, reach out to someone and ask!

I’ve found the reward comes from completing my goals each and every day and not reaching the end result. New habits won’t stick if we hate doing them. 

Consistency is key! The more consistent we tend to be, the better. There will always be resistance which typically come in the form of excuses, but pushing through it will bring a sense of daily accomplishment. 

Try this if you get some extra time to make a chart. Write down your wins and results every week so you can see your progress. A solid visual picture of our successes is a very powerful tool for us to build momentum. At the end of the week I feel a great sense of pride and my accountability partner will also celebrate in my success.

Again, if you’d like some support in forming these habits, I invite you to reach out for help.

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how to prepare your spirit for success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In this blog article we’ll focus on preparing your Spirit for lasting success, inner balance and harmonious events by meditating or praying for clarity on your final goal and for courage to follow through.

This article is written in the context of helping you prepare for accomplishing a major goal, challenge or outcome that you’d like!

If you aren’t sure what goal our outcome you’ll apply this to… that’s ok. In fact, it’s better because this process and prep period will completely clarify and hone the perfect one for you. Technically, you could create 1,000 goals that would be valuable, but one in particular will make the biggest difference in your life. So, eventually, you’ll get clarity on exactly what that one is. We ask for courage to follow through, but really courage to face the challenges that are sure to come during our process together. It’s the courage that will empower you to ask for help, answer the uncomfortable questions and stick to it over the long haul. The result? You will achieve your goal and feel great about it.

Quick Note:

We are going to create a dialogue between you and a power greater than just you alone. For some, it’s God, others it’s Jesus, others it’s source, others it’s nature, others its their higher power, others it’s a group or an ideal or a higher purpose or a higher calling. 

For our exercise, go with what comes natural to you and try and simplify this process down to the common denominator. An authentic and humble conversation between you and your higher power. Fair enough? Ok, cool.

If you’re struggling with this because of your spiritual or religious background… try focusing on a power greater than just you alone.

Our goal today is 2 fold, first to gain clarity on what your BEST 30 day goal is and second, to ask for the courage when you need it most.

Where The Heck Do We Start With This One?

I’d like to say first that this process can be very very simple. Even more importantly… my method is not the only way to accomplish this objective. 
Please customize it to fit your life, values and normal ways of doing this. 
This process can be a quick as you like or as long as you like. My tips for this process are as follows:

— Set somewhere quiet (eliminate distractions)

— Set your first intention to (Clarity on my 30 day goal) by writing it down

— Set your next intention to (Receiving Courage) by writing it down

— Set down, lay down or walk while you do this

— Meditate or pray for a set period of time (5-20 mins is great!)

If you get distracted with other thoughts or negative feelings, shift your attention on the fly. Go back to your original intention and keep going

What Question Should You Focus On Having Answered?

Action Item:

1.) Set your timer to a set period of minutes. (5-10 mins should be good)
2.) Set, lay or walk while you ask your higher power for this answer.


Be patient if it doesn’t come to you during this exercise. It may come in the middle of the night or in the morning.

Ok… great. So, if you enjoyed this blog article, join us in our FaceBook Group and let us support you for free in accomplishing your next big goal! Click the banner below to get registered.

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how to create a positive affirmation
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Ok, let’s get started looking at what positive affirmations look like. As a note,
most negative or disempowering beliefs and thoughts that lead to
undesirable actions tend to come from early childhood imprinting and cause a person to feel unworthy, not good enough, bad or some equivalent thereof.

These are examples of Healthy Positive Affirmations I’ve used to retrain my brain and subconscious mind:

1. I am very _ authentic and wealthy
2. I am a _ relaxed committed consistent and professional
3. I know I can _ help people make more money doing what they love
4. I always _ own my power and context in the moment
5. I feel _ grateful for my health, talents, friends and family
6. I _ love and accept myself
7. I am _ open to support and miracles from everywhere
8. I am a _ trusted advisor and friend
9. Every day I _ live free, love strong and laugh hard
10. I am naturally _ graceful, confident and accountable

If someone held these as undisputed beliefs in their mind… and their thoughts were in alignment with these… amazing things would unfold in
their life as a natural occurrence.

They would likely be very successful, happy in their relationships and
financially abundant. They would have rewarding relationships based on
authentic communication and love. They’d also likely have everything in life that they desired.

So, if you could create those things in your life that you want most… what
beliefs and thoughts do you think would help propel you into that reality?

For BEST Results…

I highly recommend writing each of these affirmations on a separate note card so you can flip through them and recite them multiple times throughout the day.


I would create (draw) a picture of each on the back of the note cards
too! Our mind responds differently to pictures. We are visual creatures… and need a mixture of visual, audio (hence, we verbally speak them), and
kinesthetic (touch of a physical note card).

Alright… fantastic!

I would challenge you to make (or find) an artistic representation of your 10
affirmations in a picture or at a minimum, artistically write your 10
affirmations on a few nice pieces of paper (possibly frame them) and place
one in your vehicle, bedroom bathroom, office or other conspicuous location.


The more often you can read these, repeat them or even think of them
throughout the day… THE BETTER!

It took you your whole life to form your current thought process,
belief system and frame of reference for your world. It may take you a
minimum of 90 days to effectively start shifting your default beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Be easy and patient on yourself!

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How to prepare your environment for success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Today’s blog will focus on decluttering your environment and removing triggers that will sabotage your best efforts to change. We’ll go through and determine all the things that will slow your progress, sabotage your efforts and derail your success.

Your environment will encompass your home, your living quarters, your office, your car, your bathroom, your yard and any other area that you visually see, physically touch and audibly hear. Quick story about the first time my mentor helped me clarify my mind, focus my day, calm my stress and remove the triggers in my environment. The result? I felt 1000% better and thought more clearly throughout the day which made me way more effective and organized.

We can break up this article into two parts such as removing clutter from our environment and removing triggers. Our goal is to create a positive and clean environment for you to be in. Today is all about removing a handful of things from your home, office, and vehicle that negatively affect your mind, your state of being and your emotions

Removing Clutter (The Easy Way…)

Clutter distracts our minds and confuses us. At times, we think having a desk with 50 pictures, trinkets and souvenirs on it makes us strong, but it doesn’t.

Our mind is delicate and visual stimuli puts us at a disadvantage. Today, we
clean this up and set up our space for winning, not remembering old things!
On a 1-10 scale, 10 being super cluttered… How cluttered is your environment?

Action Item:

Get rid of all trash, clutter, extra stuff laying around. Some of it will go in the trash, some will go to the recycler and other stuff will just get organized and put away.

Action Item:

Create at least one clean surface (table, shelf or desk) with nothing on it so that you can attract in YOUR GOAL! It’s a dedication act to the universe, saying, “Yes, I am ready for something new.”

Removing Triggers

Many times that we keep around and visible create triggers that lead to bad
memories, stinking thinking, regret, guilt, sadness, anger, negativity, resent
and even sorrow. These can innocently include pictures of relatives, deceased people, our past girlfriends necklace as a gift, broken toy someone gave us that we didn’t fix yet and many more similar things. We want to disarm your environment from these triggers. The success of our goal depends on this!

Walk through your house, vehicle or office and count those things that elicit a sad, negatively emotional response, guilt, fear, anger, regret, shame or similar feelings.

Count how many individual items trigger a negative emotion or blah feeling
in you when you looked at them. Remember, clutter can even be a broken
fan that you’re always hearing in the background that’s causing you secret

What’s Next?

Ready for this part? Get rid of them all. Lol. I already know this can
be hard and you may have paid good money for some of that stuff. So, give
those things away or get them OUT OF YOUR FIELD OF VIEW. If you’re
anything like me… you may say, “Oh, all these things? I’ll get rid of them
tomorrow or I’ll put them for sale and wait for my price…” Right?

Fight this temptation. Gather them all up and put them out in the garage or
in the trash. If they’re staying in the home, put them in a box and close that
box so you do not see those things. This is sooo important because we don’t
want to be in day 25 and have you getting sabotaged from something that
you could’ve gotten rid of two weeks ago.

Lastly, treat yourself to a clean space. Hire a cleaner to come and scrub your
floors and dust. Do something to enjoy the zen-like feel of your new space.
Celebrate it and resist the temptation to put a whole bunch of shit
everywhere again…! Set yourself up to win!

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