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December 11th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

It’s almost time for a new year and that can mean a new you.

The best way I’ve found to get results is not by making resolutions, but by creating solid habits that promote long-term goal success. If you want to get better at your business, start the habit of self-education and structure. If you want to write a book, start the habit of writing your thoughts and blocking off work time. If you want to be more aware, start a habit of meditation or yoga.

Creating the right habits aren’t always as easy as it sounds, unfortunately.  Creating bad habits… pretty easy 🙂 This is a short guide on how to build good habits that can change lives.

First off, pick a positive habit that would yield the results you’re looking for. Think of habits as actions and thoughts that you gravitate towards by default.

Find those things that are easy and rewarding. Make them simple so you can stick to them when you don’t really feel like doing. For example: an easy habit is to drive to the gym every morning before work. A complex one is to go to the gym and work out.

The first habit is easier and will lead to the more complex one, so start simple. Also worth mentioning is that most of the time we focus on quitting bad habits or on stopping actions. Instead of quitting junk food, shift your energy towards eating more veggies and drinking more water.

Think about the positives and the things that you can add before you start trimming everything undesirable out of your life. Here’s the logic! The more good things you do, the better your mood will be. Soon, you’ll be in a positive place where the negative bad things will no longer fit in or feel as good to do.

Here are a few examples of positive habits worth implementing: meditating more, journaling, practicing gratitude, exercising, eating more veggies, telling people how much you care for them and asking for support when you need it. I went out to eat the other night with a friend and instead of having a bacon burger with cheese and fries, I ate a Cobb Salad. Just a little shift that can lead to more desirable circumstances like, better looking body, better digestion, better sleep, more vibrant skin, etc…

Baby steps. We tend to make a huge list of new changes needed to be made and think we can achieve them all at once. Focusing on one habit at a time will prevent being overloaded with too many at once. The more you do at one time, the less likely you are to maintain them all. If you were to ask a habit-guru, they would confirm this!

Any step in the right direction can be seen as a success. We all move at different paces. Most of us underestimate the importance of this mind-set, and I can assure you, being mindful of any progress and seeing it as success, is just as important as actually sticking to the habit.

When I started meditating I set an hour-long goal. This was absurd! A first time meditator will rarely have the discipline to complete an hour. Even worse, they’ll fail at the goal, feel badly about it and start to avoid it like the plague so they don’t feel that feeling of failure.

So, I set my new action goal for just TWO-MINUTES worth of meditation. Guess what, once I got done with the 2 mins, I went longer just because I was in the swing of it and it felt good.

I also wanted to get back in shape so instead of jumping back into a strong yoga class or lifting weights, I just implemented a four mile walk with my dog. I understand the importance of starting small. I can go big or go home later!

When I was hell-bent on eating healthier, I started with adding a salad before every meal. After a month or so, my meal preps went from ⅓ veggies up to ½.

Another major downfall I experienced was not setting reminders. For the longest time my calendar was filled with all business-related stuff. My meals and exercise hours are now blocked out and I made them as important as meeting with a client, or going to a doctors appointment.

Another major practice to incorporate is creating a way to hold myself accountable. If I were to miss a meal or skip a workout day I’d let myself slide. But now that I have some friends that ask me if I finished my health goals for the week, they remind me that there’s no excuses and help me to hold myself accountable. I always tend to perform better when I know someone is helping me raise the bar.

If you need help with accountability, reach out to someone and ask!

I’ve found the reward comes from completing my goals each and every day and not reaching the end result. New habits won’t stick if we hate doing them. 

Consistency is key! The more consistent we tend to be, the better. There will always be resistance which typically come in the form of excuses, but pushing through it will bring a sense of daily accomplishment. 

Try this if you get some extra time to make a chart. Write down your wins and results every week so you can see your progress. A solid visual picture of our successes is a very powerful tool for us to build momentum. At the end of the week I feel a great sense of pride and my accountability partner will also celebrate in my success.

Again, if you’d like some support in forming these habits, I invite you to reach out for help.

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set smart goals
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Want to set a goal while using the industry gold standard structure?

In this powerful blog we’re going to talk about a the S.M.A.R.T. method because it’s been around for a long time and it works very well…

Again, I didn’t create this method, I just improved on it to fit our specific use and our accelerated timeline. It works well for creating a Goal or a Mantra to reprogram a subconscious mind (belief system).  


The acronym for the S.M.A.R.T. Method stands for:

     S: Specific

     M: Measurable

     A: Attainable

     R: Results driven

     T: Time based


So check the goal you’re thinking about commiting to and ask yourself …


Is it Specific? To do this or to do that…

Is it Measurable? To lose 8 lbs, to get 1,000 people in a group

Is it Attainable? Something close to what you’re capable of

Is it Results driven? It will happen because of something you do

Is it Time based? Completed within 30 days


So, we’ll ask one more time… Is the goal you’ve chosen the best BEST 30 Day Goal you can accomplish with lots of help and support? 


Ok great… that part is complete and you now have your BEST 30 day goal. If you’re still undecided, REACH OUT TO THE GROUP and ask for help!


Pro Tip: Create gradual steps to complete this so your body and mind work with you in completing it. Inside the subconscious, we work with the varying levels of worthiness in the psyche. 


Boiled down in the least technical way possible, we tend to realize the results in our life (and business) based on what our subconscious mind deems us as worthy of receiving. 

Action items: 

1.) Post your goal to the group and specifically say, “Here is my 30 day goal ____________ and Yes, I am open to support and questions to help me arrive at a deeper or more relevant issue.” Then others can ask you questions to help you arrive at an even better goal if available. Be open to feedback because we need others to see our blind spots. 


2.) Support others on their Day 6 goal posts with GOOD questions, not BS annoying or nit-picky questions. Meaning, what questions might you ask to help them arrive at a deeper concern or more authentic need. Sometimes it’s obvious to us, but not them 😉 

Pro Tip: When supporting someone else in the group (or in life) Remember, not to engage their ego. Come from a place of love and they’ll feel that oppose to feel attacked or made wrong. SUPER IMPORTANT!


If you haven’t yet,  watch the video training that goes with this article below and make a post in the Facebook Group page about any wins or struggles associated with this article. That link is here.

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How to train your brain for success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Imagine that you could train your brain this year and it would support you for the rest of your life! Notice I said for a whole year oppose to the other wack stuff you hear from people out here on the internet, “Like… 14 days to create a new habit… right?”

The reason why I say 3 months to a year for this process is because we’re dealing with preexisting negative and sabotaging beliefs already in your deep subconscious.

I like to tell people and clients that I work with that their automatic brain (or subconscious mind) is like a computer with programs (beliefs) running in the background.

Uhh, ok… how do I do it?

Fair question…

You’ll be able to identify your most disempowering belief and get rid of it so it no longer holds any power over you. Even better, you’ll be able to create a wildly empowering and supportive new belief and install it in your subconscious mind like your brain is a super computer.

What else can I look forward to?

Get ready to retrain your brain in a replicatable way that you can customize for anything you want more on in your life, business or relationship.

We are going to train your brain with a Mantram that you create for yourself. This will be very personal yet powerful work to increase your brain power and aid in your 30 day goal success (actually a life of success). Kindly, trust this process and give yourself permission to look into the places in your mind that may be confronting and challenging. I’ll do it with you so it’ll be easier!


Training Our Brains… How Do We Prepare ?

So, before we train your brain by creating a new belief that empowers you… we’ll want to identify at least one big negative or disempowering belief that may sabotage your efforts, your success and your goals.


Try your best to pick one of your most disempowering beliefs about yourself or about being successful (whatever your definition of success is)…


In this section, you’re encouraged to think of a belief that you’re likely holding onto from childhood, early adulthood or just something that you picked up from someone else that’s likely negatively affecting your life, business or relationships.


As you think about what yours could be, consider these 4 very common examples of disempowering beliefs that most of us need to address (Pick and circle the one that most resembles yours) Hint: they all deal with worthiness.


      1.) Not being worthy enough

      2.) Not good enough

      3.) Not worth supporting

      4.) Not worth loving


Our subconscious is black and white as far as it “co-signing” something or not. The subconscious says, “Yes, you’re worthy of having a million dollars in the bank and a significant other that loves you sleeping in your bed every night to keep you warm and to make you laugh… or it doesn’t.)

The subconscious makes up it’s rules based on our past (previous actions, repetitive thoughts, input from parents and teachers, our daily habitual reinforcements, commercials and advertisements we watch and many more things.) Got it, very black and white. So our job is to slip in one (a more serving belief) that the subconscious can accept… and that happens through reinforcement of a SMART Mantra. Once we articulate the new one… reinforce it through daily repetition [actually bombardment] then it’ll accept it in and work for us forever!)


The unfair part: back when we were 2 yrs old to 11 yrs old… a teacher or parent could slip a belief (judgement) in as simply as mentioning that we were inadequate, dumb, stupid, a waste of energy to teach, slower than the other kids or just not good enough… and the subconscious mind took it right in as gospel 🙁


The cure: we can change those with some work and consistency. HOLLA!


We’ll come back to that later, but for now…

Can you think of a disempowering belief that relates to the one you circled above and also one that applies to your biggest struggle or most undesirable pattern in your life, business or relationship as it relates to your 30 Day Goal? 


An example of my disempowering belief as it relates to my 30 day goal of “Getting 500 people into my 30 Day Goal Success FaceBook Group in 30 days” could be:  Because I failed in the past, I’m not worthy of helping thousands of people.


Kinda stings, huh. Well it’s ok and we have a great process for erasing and building a better belief that empowers us to do more and feel better. Again, everyone has them and that’s why they are exactly where they are at in their lives.


Ok, so what do you think your biggest disempowering belief is as it relates to your 30 Day Goal? 

Kindly write that down on a piece of paper like this: 

 The disempowering belief is that: ________________.


Ok great… part 2

Ok, great work. Now, what is the opposite of that belief above if you were to write it in the affirmative (or in a positive way)? 

Write the new EMPOWERING positive (or affirming) belief : _____.


Let’s Create A New EMPOWERING Belief To Ensure Your Success In This 30 Day Goal

Just below this line is the structure that many people use for what’s called a S.M.A.R.T. goal, but without little twist on it which builds it deeper in your subconscious. 


That acronym stands for:

     S: Specific

     M: Measurable

     A: Attainable

     R: Results driven

     T: Time based


Inside the subconscious mind, we work with the varying levels of worthiness in the psyche. Boiled down in the least technical way possible, we tend to realize the results in our life (and business) based on what our subconscious mind deems us as worthy of receiving. 

To counteract this, we use a backdoor “Worthiness Hack” and Mantram to reprogram our desired results into our belief system in a very fast and permanent way. You’ll learn in the next section how to practice this powerful Mantra in a very effective and simple way.  


This is what a structured Mantra looks like utilizing this worthiness hack: 

Because I’m Worthy of _____________________, I, __(X)___, __(Y)___, and __(Z)___ for the next 90 days (or by…[pick a date 90 days out from today])


My personal 30 Day Goal might look like this…


“Because I am worthy of helping people win in their lives, I attracted 500 new 30 Day Goal FaceBook group members by September 1, 2019 or sooner.  


Let’s Create Your Personalized Mantram

If you could overwrite (or groove a new neural pathway) around your existing negative belief… would you? 

Great, let’s do that here so you can start training your subconscious mind to work for you. 

To get the best results with this process, your new belief (Mantram) needs to be clearly articulated on paper and rewritten about 5-10 times a day for roughly 90+ days straight. 

That will start to seed the new belief in your deep mind so it can grow into a new habit. 


Pro Tip: It’s important to handwrite your Mantram daily to incorporate your motor functions in this process for lasting effects. 


Even if you’re skeptical… about this type of process, just give it a try.


So, to succeed in your 30 day goal, what things must you be worthy of receiving or doing to achieve it? Fill it in below:

Create Your New Belief: Because I am worthy, ___________.

Create Your New Result: The end result I will have in 90 days is: ____.


Do you feel any better with this level of clarity on your new result?


What Is A Realistic Action Plan For Implementing Your Mantra?

Step 1. Determine if any outside factors are enforcing the old disempowering belief. Remove them if possible and practical.

Step 2. Hand write your new Mantra 5+ times per day for 90+ days consecutively (Use the template at end of this Action Guide)

Step 3. Speak your Mantra in front of the mirror 5+ times per day for 90 days consecutively (Use the template at end of this Action Guide)


*Notes for increasing the effectiveness of your Mantra

* Try to viscerally feel the results of your Mantra while you’re speaking and writing it so it anchors deep into your frontal cortex.

* Bring your awareness to the “New Vibration” of your Results and give them color, context and texture. Bring them to life through awareness of new feelings and emotions related to them.

* STAY CONSISTENT and make time for this daily practice (10 mins first thing in the AM works well. Integrate it as part of your Power Hour [a dedicated hour everyday to energize your body, flush your system, focus your mind and connect your spirit to a higher purpose])

* Make your new belief and results realistic so your subconscious mind will accept them in.

Ok, you’re on it! Way to go… There’s one more resource I have for you to help accelerate your process, deepen your new belief and help you access a deeper inner power.

Sweet Corey… What’s Next?

If you loved this… I mean really loved this article, than you could watch this video and then come join us for free as we support one another in our FB group! That link’s here when ur ready!

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your road map to success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

This is my favorite tool in my belt…

I’m going to show you how to set up “PRECISE” results and outcomes in a way that you may have never experienced before. This specific piece of technology has been working for my mentors and their students for years and it has predictably changed my life, my business and most of my clients lives with scary accuracy.

What Is A V.C.P.R. and How Do I Use It?

In this section we are going to help you set up “PRECISE” results and outcomes in a way that you may have never experienced before. This specific piece of technology has been working for my mentors and their students for years and it has predictably changed my life, my business and most of my clients lives with scary accuracy. 

I love this section more than most because it combines many natural powers of our minds and the universe in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich type of way. Imagine for a moment that you could design remarkable things in your life with no filter or limits. That all you had to do was write them down on paper and the gears of the universe would turn in the direction of your words. 

Before you get into writing your own V.C.P.R., let me tell you a bit more about what a great VCPR can do and then how to create one.

If we’re being honest… this question should jolt you a bit. What’s at stake for your business, life and loved ones if you don’t take the lead role and create the things that you want most? The uncomfortable answer may be… Your Whole Big Beautiful Vision For Your Life & Legacy.

In a moment, we’re going to go through an example V.C.P.R. so you can get into action around yours. 


Think for a moment about what you see yourself doing in a wide array of situations. Do you see yourself doing a certain type of work or helping a specific type of cause? How do you envision the world? Your businesses? Your conversations and even your celebrations?


In this next section, we will be going into your version of the VCPR as it relates to your life, business and your next 2-3 years. We will be using a process called The Connection Formula to connect you to your ultimate Vision and path.

A solid V.C.P.R. begins with your vision of the world, your life, your career path, your relationships or something more specific dealing with your 30 Day Goal. 


Ponder for a moment…

Your Vision:

A vision is a lofty ideal that makes up who you are and what you ultimately want to see, experience and be a part of in life.


Do you have a Vision that you’re really connected to? (Circle YES or NO)


Is it your Vision or is it someone else’s that you’re following?  


Ok… What is your level of connectedness to that Vision? Circle one 1-2-3-4-5 (Five is very connected)


For example, Mine as it relates to my 30 Day Goal of “Getting 500 people into the 30 Day Goal Setting FaceBook Group” is: __That people accomplish great things that positively impact the world___.


 Ok, your turn… What is your Vision as it relates to your 30 day goal? Kindly, write it below.


My Vision is that: __________________________________________________________


Your Purpose:

A purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.


Ponder for a moment… 


What is the purpose of you accomplishing this 30 day goal?

Here’s an example of how to structure a purpose: to (_____do something specific / accomplish your goal____) so that (_____something very personal to you____), (______something more social, family or community based_____), and (_______MY VISION_______) happens.


For example, mine purpose as it relates to my 30 Day Goal of “Getting 500 people into the 30 Day Goal Setting FB Group” is: __To get 500 people into my FB goals group so that surround myself with great people to work with, we have fun and leverage our wisdom as a team and so people accomplish great things that positively impact the world.

Now it’s your turn. Fill out yours below:

My purpose is to: __________________________________________________________


______________________________________________________ so that ______________ 







Your Context: (My fav…)

A context is an attitude, a way of being, an atmosphere or a way of showing up to a situation to facilitate your purpose and results.


Ponder for a moment… 


What is your context for accomplishing this 30 day goal?

Here’s an example of how what a great context looks like: 

Ex 1: Solid as a rock.

Ex 2: Crystal Clear

Ex 3: I Love This Shit! 

Ex 4: Get Er Done…!

Ex 5: Just Do It (That’s the context of NIKE, right?)


For example, my Context for accomplishing my 30 day goal is: Connected To And Loving My Team 


Ok, write your Context for how you’ll have to show up to accomplish your action items / benchmarks below:


My Context is: ___________________________________________________


Your Results:

A result is a consequence, an effect, or an outcome of something. Your results as they apply to accomplishing your 30 day goal may be peripheral things and bonus gifts that you receive or learn as a result of doing your 30 day goal process with us. You can still get these results that we’ll create below even if you’re 30 day goal doesn’t happen according to plan. On this V.C.P.R., you can create about 5-20 results. Naturally, these should really be things that you want to gain experience or have happen!


We break results down into two seperate areas:

1.) Concrete results or measurable and tangible results. (For example, a concrete result could be… I lost 2% points of fat on my body by day 30. Another concrete result could be… 50 people from the FB Goals group accomplished their goals by day 30.) They are concrete and measurable. Plus, they are different than my initial 30 day goal.


2.) Ethereal results or unmeasurable or tangible results. (For example, an ethereal result could be… I felt like a winner when I helped people work towards and accomplish their 30 goals. Another ethereal result could be… I felt more confident when getting on video and producing content for people.) You can tell if you got them, but you can’t physically measure them. Right? Like how confident did I feel as a result? Well, more but there’s no number to measure my confidence level that rose from helping people. Could say 50% but it’s still not considered concrete.


Ok, cool!


Now, how do you properly structure a result on your V.C.P.R.? Here’s a great rule of thumb. Every result you gain is caused and linked to a specific action.


Ok? So technically, your action items from Day 8, could be your action items… and how you could write that would look like:


(Concrete Result #1) Because I turned on my Facebook Ads and directed the traffic to my registration page, I got 25 people per day into the FB 30 Day Goal setting group.


Ok? And an example of my ethereal result could be written like this:


(Ethereal Result #1) By supporting people in the group with gaining clarity on their goals, I felt useful and significant to the community.


Ok? They can be personal and meaningful to you.


Pro Tip: Remember to write your results in the past tense, as if they already happened. It’s a brain trick that we use to properly frame the event in the mind as something that’s already done opposed to something that NEEDS to be done. 


Ok, your turn. Write about 5 Concrete Results and about 5 Ethereal Results for your 30 Day Goal Process below. (Try it and if you have questions, post to the group and ask for support, clarity and feedback)


Action item: Create your supplemental results below… (Actually, I’ll just list one example of each. If you want to do more or work with us further… (Hop in our dedicated group

(Concrete Result #1) ________________________________________________________



Ok, great… let’s create the ethereal results or the immeasurable results.

(Ethereal Result #1)  ________________________________________________________




Ok, that was awesome… What next?

Click Here To Get Registered for FREE!

Ok, perfect! Way to go.

I know these take time and require a little bit of thinking, but the outcome will be surprisingly powerful and accurate. If you’re going to go for a big goal, it behooves you to do the complete process so you get MAXIMUM VALUE from our time together.

And if you have more results that you didn’t get to include in the above Action Guide slots… Add more on a separate sheet of paper… or create your own V.C.P.R. and do it again. At the bottom of this page, I’ll include a full template for you to use if you want to put it all together on one doc. I recommend that, but you may or may not go that far. (I normally go way beyond because I’m overly obsessive and hungry to change stuff in my life 🙂

Ok, you’re on it! Way to go…

Celebrate this win, yet again. If you just read through this and didn’t participate… Join us and get the action guides, training videos and support team. That link is here to get registered for free.  


Make sure to talk with someone and to post your findings, struggles, wins and excitement in the FB group with a video ir a post!


If you haven’t yet,  watch the video below and come make a post in the Facebook Group page about any wins or struggles associated with this topic or exercise. That link is here.

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find your support team
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Believe me… No one like doing life all alone!

Like the Beatles say, We get by with a little help from our friends.” Go beatles! 🙂 Believe this, no one gets to where they want without intervention and support from a caring TEAM OF PEOPLE. That’s what you have here and there’s a skill and a bravery element needed to accept it in. Today’s all about setting up a very specific and specialized support team. Likely, very new to you with the way we’re going to do it. But, it’ll be eye opening and fun. Be aware of roadblocks, inner resistance and a nagging reluctance to really reach out, be seen and be vulnerable. Most importantly, notice if you’re naturally coachable or supportable. I wasn’t in the first half of my life. I battled people that wanted to help me and I pushed out everyone. Naturally, I found myself all alone, sad, angry and lost. (Dum, Dum, Dum)… until I learned how to ask for help, to help others and to let others love and support me.

Quick Notes: Focus on the things you’ll need support with and who is the best person for that. 

You can create your support team to ensure your success because you won’t be doing this alone. That’s the #1 thing we’re up against. Isolation and discouragement. Luckily, it’s what every other person is going through so you’re not alone in this particular challenge. Every race, gender and age range struggles with asking for help and getting support.  


We’ll be outlining a few areas of our life that need support and we’ll be picking specific people, groups or resources to serve those areas best. 


What Can A True Support Team Really Do For Me?

Easily put? A real team of support makes it so we never have to “do it alone” again. Life isn’t meant to be done all on our own. Get a team, share and collaborate!


Ok, this part should be fun and bring you some relief if you’ve been stressing about HOW YOU’RE GOING TO ACHIEVE THIS MONSTROUS 30 DAY GOAL. Let’s get started with the exercise below.

What’s Your Support Team Look Like?

In this section, you can include needs from your personal life and your business. For example, a psychologist could help both, however a life coach and a health coach would each deserve their own position at your table.

Be specific when writing the potential area for support on the left and the current or desired support team member on the right. These positions can also be paid services from companies, partners you add to your company, mentors and even volunteers or friends offering you free or bartered support.


An example of what mine may look like is: (Remember my goal and action steps from Day 6 & Day 7 – hopefully you read them and worked the Action Guides. If not, go back and do them!)


                        Area for support:                               Team Member:


  •       ___Organization_________________   ___Martin (My Biz Partner)______


  •       ___FB Ads_______________________   ___James (FB Mentor & Coach)_


  •       ___Mental Edge_________________   ____My Men’s Team _____________


  •       ___Yoga (Staying in Balance) ____   ____Greg (Instructor) ____________


  •       ___Having Fun__________________   _____Offroad friends (4) _________

Got it? Cool. These represent just a small fraction of what my real team looks like. In fact, I’ve got someone for everything in my life. Someone’s looking over my back and they have the designation of being “My Teammate & Mentor.” Build these and cast everyone for a specific role. I don’t go to a general friend or acquaintance and start talking about my business or with my insecurities in an area to which they have no frame of reference. Right? They’ll look at me with confusion, even if they love me. Their questions, support and advice will be “off.” 

I don’t go to my Girlfriend and talk about work related struggles. Not her department. With her, we focus on love, healing, enjoying the fruits of our labor, having fun and doing other things. Cool?

 Cool! So, let’s start casting your team below. If you don’t have someone for a specific area? Look to our FB group and get to know someone? 

Think about it, they’re already in this FB group to support and be supported, so it’s a great place to start. 

Lastly, if someone doesn’t work out, its ok because they’re segmented for a specific thing and your “Whole house” or “operation” won’t come tumbling down. Also remember that a complete 20+ person support list takes time to properly cast and build. 

So, start with just a few that DIRECTLY RELATE to your success with this 30 day goal!

Who will be on your support team? Put me in there somewhere 🙂 

Pick the best you can imagine because you’re worth it and you can make it happen! For some of them, you’ll have to call and ask… others, they’re already in place and aware of what’s important to you. Even more important, they’re aware of your shortcomings and you trust them to show up for you.

Action item: Do your best to fill in all 12 roles of area of you life to have support in and list the person or group to help you with that. Be specific!

Ok, you’re on it! Way to go…

So, looking at your list of support areas and corresponding support team, do you feel good about them? Do you need to make some phone calls and talk to some of them before you put this list in stone?


Well, once you do that, post your list in the FB group if you’re up to it and can trust us with your personal list. Start direct messaging people in the FB group to build relationships. Hopefully, you can find someone special who will become your team goal buddy. A prized position. Look to be someone else’s’ team goal buddy. It’s REALLY REWARDING! 


Technically, it’s half the fun… to be part of someone else’s win and success. (That’s why I wake up every morning.) It’s a clean and loving, non manipulative energy that fills our souls!

What To Do Now?

Celebrate this win. Do something nice for yourself. Today was really important and hopefully you can feel the potential, the opportunity and the support.

Go post your discoveries in the FB Group with a post or video. Ask for help and share what’s coming up for you. 

Pro Tip: ONLY FOCUS ON THE SINGLE ACTION STEP IN FRONT OF YOU TODAY. The good news? You still have two more days to plan and get ready for your first action step / milestone.


Feel better? I do… 🙂

Ok… today’s blog feels complete. Great job. 


If you haven’t yet, go and watch this video training below and come make a post in the Facebook Group page about any wins or struggles associated with today’s module. That link is here.

Enjoy this video then come join us inside! Yes… it’s free for you to come participate and get phenom support. Click here to get registered

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create an action plan
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In the previous blog article titled, “How to create your best 30 day goal,”(opens in a new tab) we focused on creating the BEST 30 day goal possible for this time in your life. Now, in this blog article, we focus on making a very simple action plan that you would focus on from here on out.

Thinking about the huge goal can be overwhelming and actually put us behind schedule…

Thinking about a simple daily action step to take you closer that that big goal is funner and more productive.

This tends to be the most overlooked process of goal setters. The result? You avoid overwhelm and actually feel like your goal is attainable and possible throughout your 30 day period!

Quick Notes:

Focus on the little milestones that will make up your complete goal. This step makes our process fun, manageable and easier.

Getting Started With Your Goal Milestones!

We’ll be chunking down your goal into about 5, 10 action steps to focus on. So, from here on, we won’t talk about or even focus on your 30 day goal. We’ll become obsessed with the simpler 5-10 action step milestones. We’ll gamify it or turn it into a fun game… you’ll see. 

Ok, this part should be fun and bring you great relief if you’ve been stressing or wondering about HOW WE’RE GOING TO ACHIEVE THIS MONSTROUS 30 DAY GOAL. Let’s get started with the exercise below.


Start Here: Think about what it will really take to accomplish your goal. There should be simple things that you can do every day to move closer to completing the entire goal.

Pace yourself and make it easy on yourself. I’ll use the example of my goal which is to “Get 500 people added to my 30 Day Goal Facebook Group”

If I have 20 days after my prep period (of 10 days), what can I do everyday to inch closer to it? I’ll do mine, then you can create yours below mine.


Pro Tip: these action steps / milestones may not be day specific. Meaning that if you have 20 days total… and “5” action steps, you’ll work on one milestone for about 4 days each. 


Right? Some shorter and some longer. Try and make them even if possible.

My Example of My Goal Milestones…

*** I have to say, mine is an advanced option and fairly complex goal. Probably a bad example, but it’s what I WANT MOST and can manage! And I’ve been doing this process for the past 10+ years with astounding success, so I can take it on and get it done. I could have used the example of gaining 5lbs of muscle or in going to yoga 6 days a week. Right? Your goal doesn’t need to be complex or too big. Remember, we’ll have additional time to expand out goal next month if we want to.


Milestone / Action step #1: Make sure my FB group is live with a link to my Registration page in the description and rules for the group members on conduct and spamming.


Milestone / Action step #2: Get my second 30 Day Goal group member by personally messaging and calling FB friends to the FB group registration page. Also invite friends, family members and acquaintances.


Milestone / Action step #3: Create my FB ads (5 variations) and link them to my FB Group Registration page. (Includes new photo for each, headline and CTA)


Milestone / Action step #4: Turn on my FB ads and go LIVE


Milestone / Action step #5: Create and launch organic marketing materials, MEMEs and videos to disseminate and post to all 7 of my Social Media Platforms


Milestone / Action step #6: Check my FB ads stats and modify them to get $1 per registration. 


Milestone / Action step #7:Ask everyone for help including (YOU) and the others already in this room to invite their friends while I also Invite the rest of my FB friends again (for the second time)


Milestone / Action step #8:  Increase my budget spend by 50% on my winning ads and cut the losing or (unpopular / non converting) FB ads


Milestone / Action step #9:  Create my Youtube Video Ads (2 variations) and link them to my Registration page. (Includes 2 previously shot videos, 2 headlines and 2 CTA’s)


Milestone / Action step #10: Ask for help again from the FB group to invite their friends. Ask my friends for a third time to join!


There it is… A big goal, 10 realistic action steps, an average of 2 days for each milestone and would yield an average of 25 new people per day. Now, because I do this full time and have the resources to support it, it’s considered a S.M.A.R.T. 30 Day Goal! Will I beat that goal? Likely. Can I quadruple it the following month? Likely. Is it realistic and attainable enough to build wins and momentum for everything else in my life? YES

Now it’s your turn (If you’re following along and actually setting your Action Plan now…!)

So, rewrite your final BEST 30 day goal again for clarity on your paper.

Now choose how many action steps are required to accomplish it and organize your actions below. (5? 10? It’s your call)


Make ten the MAXIMUM amounts of steps. If it requires more… downsize your goal because we don’t want this first one too overwhelming. 


We’ll build on these goals as the days, weeks and months go by. We’re looking for small wins first.


Make these as simple small and clear as possible

And if you’d like to come and do this process with us and let us support you… please do so. You can meet us and get registered at 


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create your best 30 day goal
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In the world of picking a mate, one could say… “There are many possible mates for me, but one (sometimes two) are best for me.” Well, the same applies to picking your best 30 day goal.

In this blog article, we’re going to hyper-focus on preparing your BEST 30 day goal. You may have multiple goals floating around in your head as something you want to do, but one of them will be the BEST! This quick process will help you narrow it down. The result? You will achieve the #1 goal to advance your life and your agenda the most or furthest.

What Goal Is Worth Focusing On?

Like we were saying above… there are tons of goals that you could pick, but only one is perfect for this time in your life. By focusing on this blog article and applying it to what you want most, you’ll be able to achieve a bigger goal than you would have been able to without us.

Reverse Engineering Your Vision and Goals…

What Are Your Big Five Goals?

Like we were saying above… there are tons of goals that you could pick, but only one is perfect for this time in your life. By focusing on this blog article and applying it to what you want most, you’ll be able to achieve a bigger goal than you would have been able to without us.

Let’s take a look at your Big Five, aka, the most important things in your life and how they relate to this mission you’re on. With this exercise, we are looking for ONE specific thing in each area that you strive to improve over the duration of the next 90 days. After thinking about each of the main five areas (in no particular order), you can write down the ONE thing that’s most important to you at this point in your life for each of them. This section may be challenging for you to exclude some and include others, but that’s the point of this exercise and I’ll show you later how these relate to your biggest most attainable goal. 

Your Biggest Health Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your personal identity, physical vibrancy, emotional wellness and intellectual acuity (or sharpness / capacity). List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Family Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your closest relationships, children, pets and loved ones. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Career Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your skills, your professionalism, your ability to provide financial abundance and even your level of feeling satisfied in regards to your success. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Social Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to the support in your life, your social impact, your reach and your ability to influence. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Your Biggest Faith Goal or Concern

This represents any goals or outcomes relating to your spiritual or religious fulfilment, your contribution to others and even your ability to trust your intuition. List the one in particular that you are currently interested in improving in the next 90 days…

Was there anything we missed?

Ok, great Was there anything we missed? Take a quick moment and ask yourself… did the 5 things you wrote above cover your #1 biggest and best goal for the next 30-90 days?

Now, depending on what you wrote above in the last 6 entries, you should know what your perfect goal or outcome is. Ask yourself, “What is the 30 day version of this?” What part of this goal can I chunk down to get realistically completed in the next 30 days?

Write that down on your notebook or paper also… in the form of… In 30 days from now, I will have (done something, received something, accomplished something or other) 

Was That Realistic For You?

For example, my 30 day goal was to get 1,000 people into this goal challenge group in the next 30 days. It’s realistic… however, if I said 100,000 people in the group, that would be BS and set me up for a failure. Technically, I could’ve made it just 100 people and been fine, but I’ve done this sort of thing before and know how to advertise on FaceBook and Google. Plus I have my “homework, enrollment videos, websites, FB group, Action guides and more… already created. That increases your likelihood of success with this particular thing. 

So, how far away are you from your goal? If you’re too far, dial it back. If you weigh 190 lbs and want to put on 20 pounds of muscle in 30 days… guess what, it’s not likely and it may stunt your 90 day and 180 day success. You may be better off going for 8 lbs of lean muscle… or 5. 

So, did you modify your goal based on those last examples of being realistic? If so, rewrite it on your sheet.

How much further could we go with this process together?

Well… quite far. At this point, I’d recommend that you hop into our free goals support training program and community. We’ve got daily exercises like this, amazing training videos and a fb group full of support. You can come get registered by clicking this link… looking for to working together.

Click here to get registered 100% Free!

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how to prepare your spirit for success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In this blog article we’ll focus on preparing your Spirit for lasting success, inner balance and harmonious events by meditating or praying for clarity on your final goal and for courage to follow through.

This article is written in the context of helping you prepare for accomplishing a major goal, challenge or outcome that you’d like!

If you aren’t sure what goal our outcome you’ll apply this to… that’s ok. In fact, it’s better because this process and prep period will completely clarify and hone the perfect one for you. Technically, you could create 1,000 goals that would be valuable, but one in particular will make the biggest difference in your life. So, eventually, you’ll get clarity on exactly what that one is. We ask for courage to follow through, but really courage to face the challenges that are sure to come during our process together. It’s the courage that will empower you to ask for help, answer the uncomfortable questions and stick to it over the long haul. The result? You will achieve your goal and feel great about it.

Quick Note:

We are going to create a dialogue between you and a power greater than just you alone. For some, it’s God, others it’s Jesus, others it’s source, others it’s nature, others its their higher power, others it’s a group or an ideal or a higher purpose or a higher calling. 

For our exercise, go with what comes natural to you and try and simplify this process down to the common denominator. An authentic and humble conversation between you and your higher power. Fair enough? Ok, cool.

If you’re struggling with this because of your spiritual or religious background… try focusing on a power greater than just you alone.

Our goal today is 2 fold, first to gain clarity on what your BEST 30 day goal is and second, to ask for the courage when you need it most.

Where The Heck Do We Start With This One?

I’d like to say first that this process can be very very simple. Even more importantly… my method is not the only way to accomplish this objective. 
Please customize it to fit your life, values and normal ways of doing this. 
This process can be a quick as you like or as long as you like. My tips for this process are as follows:

— Set somewhere quiet (eliminate distractions)

— Set your first intention to (Clarity on my 30 day goal) by writing it down

— Set your next intention to (Receiving Courage) by writing it down

— Set down, lay down or walk while you do this

— Meditate or pray for a set period of time (5-20 mins is great!)

If you get distracted with other thoughts or negative feelings, shift your attention on the fly. Go back to your original intention and keep going

What Question Should You Focus On Having Answered?

Action Item:

1.) Set your timer to a set period of minutes. (5-10 mins should be good)
2.) Set, lay or walk while you ask your higher power for this answer.


Be patient if it doesn’t come to you during this exercise. It may come in the middle of the night or in the morning.

Ok… great. So, if you enjoyed this blog article, join us in our FaceBook Group and let us support you for free in accomplishing your next big goal! Click the banner below to get registered.

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How to prepare your mind for success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

In today’s blog, we focus on how to prepare our minds for success by creating a VERY POWERFUL AND POSITIVE INNER DIALOGUE.

The work we do today will make you feel good and boost your confidence and self-esteem. The result? You will achieve your goal in a very natural and replicable way.

We are going to create healthy thoughts that will support you for years to come. It will require some thinking, planning and action.

Our goal is to create a positive mindset that builds us up instead of tears us down. Today is all about becoming our own best friend and creating the ultimate inner dialogue.

Quick Notes: Focus on those things that make you feel good and boost your
confidence and self-esteem.

We are going to create healthy thoughts that will support you for years to
come. It will require some thinking, planning and action.

Our goal is to create a positive mindset that builds us up instead of tears us
down. Today is all about becoming our own best friend and creating the
ultimate inner dialogue

How Can We Create Positive Reinforcements With Affirmations That Work For Accomplishing Our Goal?

Affirmations are positive declarative Statements written, repeated and spoken in such a way that your deep mind can absorb them, use them,
believe them and integrate them into your personality and belief system.

As your deeper mind or subconscious mind accepts these affirmative
statements, they will form into new beliefs embedded deep within the neural network of your brain.

In your case, we’re going to use positive affirmations to help you create a goal that you’ve here to accomplish.

So, think about the events and goals that you would like to see in your
future… How do they look? How would you describe them? (These don’t
necessarily need to be your #1 Big Goal that you’re going to accomplish in
this 30-90 day process) 

The effectiveness of your reprogramming process will hinge on your ability to direct and guide your internal self-talk. This self-talk (along with our
subconscious beliefs, which we’ll address on day 9 and day 10) will govern
most of your daily life and daily actions. If you focus on creating an intentional self-talking dialogue and complete this exercise, they can become your predominant thoughts, personal character and internal values system.

Experts have said that, “Up to 95% of our day is a similar repetition to our
previous days actions and thoughts.” WOW, right?

So if you create a powerful inner voice or dialogue, your future may mirror
those thoughts and actions of today. This would give rise to more desirable
outcomes and thoughts in your life, business and relationships.

An important note: Your negative (disempowering) inner dialogue, thoughts
and outdated beliefs are like big trees with many roots that interweave with
other trees and roots (other beliefs and experiences). Our goal is to stop
watering those trees that no longer serve us so we can starve out those
undesirable trees and roots by not reinforcing them (sending them attention or energy). They will wither away and reduce in size and capacity.
Meaning that the new beliefs you’re going to create will need lots of
attention, focus and energy from you on a daily basis so that they grow,
flourish and groove into permanent pathways.

Once your new thoughts and beliefs become your minds preferred pathways (because of their acceptability and consistent reinforcement), they will continue to grow and connect you to what you want most.

NOTE: This process will take dedicated work and focused actions, thoughts
and planning. Please don’t underestimate the challenge of this endeavor OR
the benefits once you string together 30-90 days of focused work!

Hopefully you loved this article and want to learn more about this goal setting and train your brain process we teach. If so, get registered on our website at Your30DayGoal and we’ll invite you to our FaceBook group too!

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How to prepare your environment for success
July 8th, 2019 by Corey Teramana

Today’s blog will focus on decluttering your environment and removing triggers that will sabotage your best efforts to change. We’ll go through and determine all the things that will slow your progress, sabotage your efforts and derail your success.

Your environment will encompass your home, your living quarters, your office, your car, your bathroom, your yard and any other area that you visually see, physically touch and audibly hear. Quick story about the first time my mentor helped me clarify my mind, focus my day, calm my stress and remove the triggers in my environment. The result? I felt 1000% better and thought more clearly throughout the day which made me way more effective and organized.

We can break up this article into two parts such as removing clutter from our environment and removing triggers. Our goal is to create a positive and clean environment for you to be in. Today is all about removing a handful of things from your home, office, and vehicle that negatively affect your mind, your state of being and your emotions

Removing Clutter (The Easy Way…)

Clutter distracts our minds and confuses us. At times, we think having a desk with 50 pictures, trinkets and souvenirs on it makes us strong, but it doesn’t.

Our mind is delicate and visual stimuli puts us at a disadvantage. Today, we
clean this up and set up our space for winning, not remembering old things!
On a 1-10 scale, 10 being super cluttered… How cluttered is your environment?

Action Item:

Get rid of all trash, clutter, extra stuff laying around. Some of it will go in the trash, some will go to the recycler and other stuff will just get organized and put away.

Action Item:

Create at least one clean surface (table, shelf or desk) with nothing on it so that you can attract in YOUR GOAL! It’s a dedication act to the universe, saying, “Yes, I am ready for something new.”

Removing Triggers

Many times that we keep around and visible create triggers that lead to bad
memories, stinking thinking, regret, guilt, sadness, anger, negativity, resent
and even sorrow. These can innocently include pictures of relatives, deceased people, our past girlfriends necklace as a gift, broken toy someone gave us that we didn’t fix yet and many more similar things. We want to disarm your environment from these triggers. The success of our goal depends on this!

Walk through your house, vehicle or office and count those things that elicit a sad, negatively emotional response, guilt, fear, anger, regret, shame or similar feelings.

Count how many individual items trigger a negative emotion or blah feeling
in you when you looked at them. Remember, clutter can even be a broken
fan that you’re always hearing in the background that’s causing you secret

What’s Next?

Ready for this part? Get rid of them all. Lol. I already know this can
be hard and you may have paid good money for some of that stuff. So, give
those things away or get them OUT OF YOUR FIELD OF VIEW. If you’re
anything like me… you may say, “Oh, all these things? I’ll get rid of them
tomorrow or I’ll put them for sale and wait for my price…” Right?

Fight this temptation. Gather them all up and put them out in the garage or
in the trash. If they’re staying in the home, put them in a box and close that
box so you do not see those things. This is sooo important because we don’t
want to be in day 25 and have you getting sabotaged from something that
you could’ve gotten rid of two weeks ago.

Lastly, treat yourself to a clean space. Hire a cleaner to come and scrub your
floors and dust. Do something to enjoy the zen-like feel of your new space.
Celebrate it and resist the temptation to put a whole bunch of shit
everywhere again…! Set yourself up to win!

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